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497e39180f Linda Blair plays Carol, a young woman who must serve 18 months in prison after killing a man (by accident). The prison turns out to be brimming with decadence, corruption and sleaze, where the other female inmates are sadistic crack-selling lesbian rapists and the guards and warden are no better. Racial tensions are highthe inmates is divided into two factions, blacks and whites, who must either join together against the management or kill each other trying. A sleazy blend of sexploitation and blaxploitation make this movie a real winner.
`Chained Heat' is a wonderfully vulgar piece of trash that has everything anyone would want in a Women-In-Prison movie: lots of boobs, frontal nudity, lesbian action, drugs, prostitution, rapes, shootings, stabbings, strangulations, and much, much more.<br/><br/>Linda Blair is the naive `heroine' who finds herself in a rather unique penal institution. Apparently, the authorities of the unnamed state in which this story takes place decided they required a lockup reserved almost exclusively for women with `D' cups. (Linda in the movie showed she didn't quite fit this criterion, but apparently some exceptions were made.) Naturally, the prison officials are corrupt to their core (you should see the warden's `playroom') and not above having the women inmates show `good behavior' (if you know what I mean, and I think you do.) There is some animosity between the various factions among the prisoners, but,one might expect, the girl gangs find a commonality of purpose in the final blow-up toward the end of the movie.<br/><br/>`Chained Heat' is a flick that will stick in your mind long after you've forgotten a lot of other movies.
I thought this was the greatest "Women in Prison" movie until "Reform School Girls" came along: It presented a gritty, "realistic" (although no real fatsos in this one) look at what our prisons must really be like. Although there was more cold blooded murder in this one, the high camp of "Reform School girls" took much of the edge from this one.<br/><br/>Sybil Danning and Tamara Dobson do great jobsthe leaders of their respective gangs and try to act this one up, but the rest of the cast does not seem to be taking their jobs all that seriously. This film may have one of the best prison riots ever filmed though.<br/><br/>If you cant get "Reform School Girls", but you can get this one, definitely give it a look!

Apart from the recently released DVD by Panic House, which is slightly censored, all DVD releases are apparently based on a heavily censored R-Rated Version created for American Cable TV, that misses out several scenes of violence and nudity.
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